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Why Joomla Still Stands As A Big Performer In The World Of Website Development?

There are many joomla website developers active in the world of Web technology solutions and constantly keeping up the momentum of innovative strategies and solutions. Joomla, for many years, have ruled the web planet as a popular open-source content management system. Used by millions of the developers and web business owners to build a powerful website, Joomla has provided us with user-friendly features. What makes it a stunner is the fact that it facilitates an easy set-up and simple starting boost even for the beginners. It is this ease that enables Joomla to build a dynamic website. Find here why many businesses prefer Joomla CMS for their Website Development.

Easy To Edit And Modify

Unlike any other standard CMS, Joomla allows for maintaining data protection. Joomla makes sure that the integrity of your data is intact by locking content when someone is editing. This implies that no one else will be allowed to modify the content including article, category, module, menu item, navigation components, etc. giving an indication that content is currently being edited by someone else. 

Of course it is easy to edit content with a standard CMS is easy, but Joomla makes it even better. The reason is that Joomla uses powerful editors with which the editing becomes as convenient as editing a Microsoft Word document. Also, to locate the content using Joomla platform is easier than other CMSs.

The Power Of Built-In SEO Functionality

The next big thing about Joomla is its ability to provide with Search Engine friendly (SEF) URLs. The only bother you need to take is to enable those URLs to work on your Joomla based website. It is a common platitude to say that SEF links bring enormous benefits for the purpose of building great SEO friendliness, which in turn improves your Google rankings. Another aspect linked with SEO ranking is its Meta tags and keywords, which you can set easily with Joomla. This is enough to clarify that Joomla website empowers your budget and saves a lot of bucks that you may otherwise spend on 3rd party SEO consultant.

Extendable Functions

Joomla, have an excellent resource of extensions allowing you to create a custom form as you wish. Joomla allows you to integrate more features and functionality by opening the pool of hundreds of extensions. Develop your website further and offer more functionality. There are hundreds of extensions available. So if you want to transform your website and change the avatar of your website to make it Ecommerce, social networking or personal business portal, you can do it with the magic of Joomla!  With the help of assorted components in Joomla library, you can turn your website to just about anything.

The Power Of Community

Unlike other CMS’s communities, Joomla’s community is dynamic and flourishing. If you have any question r confusion regarding this CMS, you can have it solved in no time. Refer to its community forum and you will find someone who had the similar question answered by someone else. You will see people in this community are quite enthusiastic and curious to help you. You get the solution most of the time.

The common takeaway of this post is that Joomla is widely used by businesses of all magnitudes and organizations of all sizes, private as well as Government. This is the reason why Joomla stands as a big performer in the world of web development.

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