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7 successful tips that marry your Magento store with SEO

There’s quite an increase in the number of digital shoppers in the market. Though the heat is building up in the demand, it doesn’t mean that all you need to do is launch an ecommerce website and hope for an appreciable number of visitors.
In the heap of ecommerce websites present, Magento is the one that is most appreciated for its usability and its simplicity.

If you need more people to visit your site, you need to know more about search engine optimization. SEO can be a tricky thing to learn. Well, here are a few simple steps to boost your SEO.

Add great content to your store
Content is a crucial feature of your site. If you want your store to hit the top of the chart, you need to have content better than others. Make it interesting and add keywords that you think customers will use to find your product.

Help Search Engines figure out what your pictures are all about
Give sensible titles to the pictures you add to your store and use tags too. This will give the information about the pictures to the search engines.

Don’t duplicate the content
Do not let your content lose it uniqueness. Each product you present on your store must have content different from others.

Use extensions to improve user experience
Good content contributes to your SEO rankings. What adds more is the user behavior when they enter your store. Installing Magento extensions will make your store easy to navigate and a better place to visit. Moreover, if the customers are quite satisfied with your store, they are more likely to share on social sites, thus boosting your SEO rankings.

Get your Robots.txt file to work for you
This is the file used by Google to index your website. The information in that file will direct Google how to do so. The following modifications can be done to your robots.txt file:

Go into ‘System’
Click into ‘Configuration’
Click into ‘Design’
Click into ‘HTML Heads’
Find the ‘Default Robots’ setting and change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”
Search engines will now index your websites.

Fill out the Meta Fields
Create a meaningful meta title and description for your store by using Magento’s back-end. This can be done by configuring you page/design/HTML Head. After that, change your default title and default description boxes with something meaningful and also include relevant keywords.

Generate a Google Sitemap
Sitemap generation can be enabled by simple visiting your Google Sitemap settings in your configuration page and changing your configuration. You need to update your configuration in order to update your sitemap every time you add a new product or category.
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