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Image sliders have been the hot topic of discussion among web developers and it has proved to be an irritating carousel. Can there be any good reason to use it on your homepage?

The Fad Of The Image Sliders

Let us assume a meeting for a company that is focused on creating a new website. Different departments and managers involved will think that the service they present is the most important element of the business. So an image slider can be put so that everybody is executed on the homepage.

Conversion Killers

The most essential element of your homepage is your CTA. But it can be worse if your CTA is hidden among the image sliders. It will remain hidden to your visitors.

In a usability study done by Jakob Nielson, a task of finding out whether a well-known washing machine manufacturer was running any specific promotions was set to a user. Though the screen consists of the ad in the eminent area, the user still missed it because it was integrated with the image slider.

Another study was out on by Erik Runyan by placing a CTA on an image slider and sees its effects on the click-through rate. It was found that very negligible amount of people clicked on the image slide among which, maximum clicked on the first slide they viewed. This proves that if the information the visitors are looking for is not found in the first slide itself, they are most likely to neglect the other slides.

The reasons for this are, first, the slides move fast due to which the user cannot control what they are viewing. Second, they won’t be able to read the text due to its fast move.

Bad For Speed

If you add image slider to your page, you are more likely to increase the loading speed of your site page. If you have a few images of good quality, it is surely going to take a good amount of time to load. It is going to be a bad experience for your users but moreover, it will also have a negative effect on your SEO.


Too Many Distractions

Keeping a slider on the top of your homepage can distract the visitors. Banner may strike the visitor due to which the visitor may assume the image slider to be ads.

It also represents that the focus in your business is less. You can make your homepage much stronger by focusing properly on it.

Not Good For Mobile Devices

It is important to build a responsive and better websites that can be accessed easily from various devices as the use of internet through mobile is increasing. It will be irritable to the user if it takes ages to load the page on the screen. A simple website instead can be a great thing if the stats are summed up.

Do Image Sliders Ever Work?

It happens that despite of many cons of image sliders, client will still want to use them. So as to use image slider, you need to keep it as much simple as possible.

· Maximum 2-3 slides must be used so the page loads in less time possible.

· Make sure that CTA is clearly visible on each slide and focus on only one.

· Let the user control the slider by using a manual slider. Also make the navigation clearly visible.

· Position the slider on the down side of the page so that it doesn’t hinder.
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