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5 methods every wordpress business should try to boost their revenue

There are many benefits to run a service as a business on Wordpress like you get to work with almost all kinds of clients. You can have an opportunity to create a positive impact on the people.

In spite of all these advantages, there are many challenges too. Some clients become a pain in the head to deal with. Times may come that your business may run slow. So what can you do to deal with the slow times?

More clients must be landed in such times. This is the first obvious solution that strikes the mind.

There are some advantages of recurring revenue model and we will look through those advantages.

The Advantages of Recurring Revenue

In most of the situation, recurring revenue has more advantages than disadvantages if it is structured properly. Let us have a look at three of the advantages.

Build a More Stable Business

You will need to be continuously filling your sales funnel with new clients if your billing on a project is hourly based. You are definitely going to face a low income if you stop prospecting.
The other problem is that you will get paid on the other day or later but not on the same day on which you work for the client.
Recurring revenue us the solution to both these problems. It can help to cut down hindrances in your way to allow you smooth revenue. You can also perform financial projections easily.

Build longer term relationships

When you are done with your client’s work, it doesn’t mean that the relationship must end up there itself. The longer you stay in touch with your client, the more he is likely to hire you for other work else he might proceed to someone else’s sales pitch.
Recurring revenue will help you to maintain constant contact with your clients. The stronger the relationship with your customer, more successful your business will be.

Spend more time with your clients

Recurring revenue component helps you to spend more time with your client too. This is a win win situation as the clients will see better return on investment when you complete their project as quick as possible.

5 ways to add Recurring Revenue to Your Wordpress Site

There are several ways through which you can add recurring revenue to your Wordpress site:

Wordpress Maintenance and Support

It is necessary to maintain a good relation with your client as they can call for help anytime. If you have a good relation, they will not hesitate to ask for help from you. Both of them can get a fair exchange of value if a monthly retainer is put in place.
Most of the clients do not have much time to update their website or when they do, it’s already too late. For a reasonable maintenance/support fee, you can offer them free time while you can earn some recurring fee.

Advertising or PPC support

Every business needs a smooth flow of new customers. For this, it might be sensible to provide PPC services depending on the core Wordpress service. It is more advantageous if you are working with small business owners as they are more likely to spend money for marketing. You can help them spend their money more efficiently.

The rates of PPC depend on the rate of ROI that you are providing to your clients and this is a great source of generating remunerative revenue.

Search Marketing

Improved search engine rankings are very much important to most of the businesses. It might not represent a long-term revenue source but it can allow temporary recurring revenue for small businesses. Larger opportunities can be made on larger sites with good content.

Conversion optimization

You are responsible for testing and providing better results to your clients if you are offering conversion rate optimization.

A deep trust is required between you can your client for CRO as you need the authority to make small changes to their active website.

Your clients will be expecting ROI just like pay per click. If you increase the percentage of converting clients by even 1%, you are improving by 50%. The question lies that what kind of fee would be provided to you for those results.

There are number of tools available to undergo A/B testing on Wordpress websites so you won’t face any issue undergoing CRO experiments on your client’s site.

Content and Social Media Management

It is quite known that content and social media play an important role in overall success of business. You can offer these services as an extension in order to make your clients more successful and thereby increase revenue for yourself.

Social media however stands low on the priority list of business owners. Stable and recurring revenue can be added by offering a series of monthly social media packages.

Content marketing is undoubtedly the best source of generating revenue. Because they hate the writing work and it takes efforts, many of businesses let go of the content marketing despite of its great benefits. For content marketing, you need a better quality of content. In case you do not have the time or resources to publish high-quality blog posts, you can hire a freelance blogger for it.
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