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2016 is mobile-ready: Are you prepared to adopt mobile app for your business?

Mobile app usage is setting new frontiers every day. Year by year the number of users who choose to use mobile over desktop to satisfy their needs is increasing day after day. The number shown by 2015 is way too surprising. As digital devices become the first choice for global customers, mobile apps become the heart of digital solutions.
The maturity of mobile devices has picked up very fast and every smallest personal need of an individual is frequently taking the shape of a handy app. In this time of fast-paced, dynamic and technically rich culture, Flurry’s insight into the global influence of mobile app gives the real-time value to mobile app developers and enterprises seeking a strong web presence for their businesses.

The numbers studied by Flurry Analytics:

Here is the report on of Flurry Analytics on how mobile apps dominate the digital market and how frequently users tend to gravitate to their digital devices.
The last year bore witness to staggering increase in Mobile app usage that went up by 58%. Phablet users spent more time on their devices, which grew 334% so far.
Flurry has explored 2.1 billion smart devices and the research could conclude with the fact that in mature industries like mobile apps, retaining existing users overwhelm the efforts to acquire the new ones in the market.

2015 gave us the number that turned the belief around: 40% of the total 58% growth is contributed by existing users as compared to 20% and 10% respectively in 2014 and 2013. Another detailed report from Flurry reveals that people are becoming mobile addicts at a faster rate, more than ever imagined.

Report has it that:

Existing users are getting more engaged with mobile apps that make their everyday life easy and enjoyable. These are the kind of apps that gain immense loyalty from customers. The constant interest and unbounded curiosity of existing mobile users encouraged them to indulge in smart, interactive features of expressive apps. As already mentioned, compared to earlier years, 2015 saw more existing users joining the world of mobile app usage.

Utilization of mobile apps is limitless

Readers and explorers enthusiastically showed their interest in the digital solutions for meeting their reading need. Their thirst to stay informed and updated took them on a road that ended at tapping of the finger on their mobile screen. In 2015, a Flurry analytics counted almost 135% of users who choose to use News and Magazine apps. This shows how people have moved to Mobiles and Phablets from their orthodox choices like Desktop and Television.

Because Google Drive, Docs, OneDrive and the Microsoft productivity Suite are among the ones that have been on the top of teenager’s minds, it can be said that Productivity apps are also making their mark on the glowing face of digital solutions. Phablets and mobiles are seen as a primary means to access the email and other productivity apps that help users store the wealth of information without any constraints of time, location and maintenance measures.

At the time of discussing people’s approach towards getting a good lifestyle value and living standards, luxury and comfort are the most crucial parameters. Lifestyle and Shopping Mobile apps fit into this trend-specific requirement, which is why in 2015 these apps accounted for 40% on the sphere of worldwide online commerce.

What do customers like about mobile apps?

Since customers much appreciate the personalized way of correspondence, apps that focus on Emoji keyboards and lock-screens tend to make a deeper impact on the users. Some of the best media platforms where people constantly go and interact are Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Vibers and Snapchat.

Entertainment and gaming are also putting magical effect on users who seek good times in their leisure. More and more customers are showing their fad about gaming industry producing super-exciting games for game lovers. So, 2016 is likely to see new revolutionary game applications absorb widely.

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