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5 Essentials to Become a WordPress Development Expert

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When you are beginning with development, the learning curve is easier to crack if you have chosen WordPress. It is the right direction you have chosen. As a programmer, when you are a beginner it is important to know the right resources for development and only then proceed with that technology for development.

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For the record, development in WordPress is easier because of the available resource for it. It is important that you know coding but it is more important for you to know the right kind of resources that are available online so that you simplify the process of development and improve the quality of development. These resources also help in saving time and effort making your tasks of development easier. But, there is small hurdle that you need to meet with. You can take online tutorials to get started with learning languages for WordPress development.

All you need to know PHP, CSS & HTML to start with WordPress Technology!

The real reason that WordPress is so popular is because of the convenience if offers along with the ease in looking for options for building a highly customized website. Also, there is a great community of WordPress Development Specialists that are ready for help at all times.

Go for WordPress Theme Tweaking!

If you are about to begin learning development with WordPress, you must about WordPress theme tweaking and improving the theme in order to avail robust and highly functional WordPress websites. This is the reason that most of the WordPress websites are theme based.

Theme tweaking is very easy with a few simple steps and use of plugins and extensions. Then there WordPress page builders, free WordPress themesand Premium WordPress Themes.

Start with WordPress Customization

As I beginner, I recommend you to start with Custom WordPress Development. For this reason, you can easily create a website and also learn the very basics of development. Also, here I am assuming that you are well versed with the basic fundamentals of WordPress development. WordPress offers amazing and easy functions for customization.

Use custom functions and plugins for development and tweak the selected theme for WordPress development. If you have selected a readymade theme, things are easier. Although you can also start from the very scratch to make your development process challenging. But for whatever reason, you need to be well-versed with WordPress Customization System.

Remember, for tweaking a theme, you need not have the entire file system for WordPress. But you will require – index.php and style.css files to start with customization of the wordpress site. These files are important for the purpose of basic appearance and styling of the Front End of the website.

This is the best way to start learning development in WordPress and then eventually become a WordPress Development Expert. Customization process lets you explore the tools and resources and therefore enhances your skills in WordPress development.

Next Step: Plug In & Customization Development

We all are aware of the importance of plugins and customization in WordPress development. There are more than 50,000 plugins being used to extend the functionalities of WordPress sites. These plugins are indeed a blessing for WordPress developers.  Once, you gained experience in creating custom wordpress themes or website, and then you can proceed with building WordPress by installing plugins that can extend the functionality further.

You can also develop a plugin as per your needs. WordPress plugins help in creating highly customized WordPress websites. Now, this can be the challenging part of WordPress development. To develop plugin for a custom wordpress website, all you need is a lot of practice. Get your basics right and take guidance from WordPress Development Specialists. Once you have a gained experience in development plugins, then you are on your path to become a WordPress Development Expert.

I will be coming up with a series of posts for beginners in WordPress development, so keep tuned in for more in WordPress open source development.

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Originally Posted on : blogspot.co.uk
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