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Challenges in Virtual Reality Innovation

Only when Virtual Reality was being predicted as a bigger and more interesting innovation than Augmented Reality, we saw Augmented Reality kicking in the scene even before Virtual Reality could make a mark. Both the technologies are growing but VR is growing comparatively slower than AR.

It is not really about comparing the two, as both the innovations are two very different and stand right to their place. Well, the success of VR as predicted is not seen because of many challenges. What does this really mean? Here, all I am trying to say is that we have been unable to successfully provide VR experiences to the masses. So what are the hurdles that have hampered the success of Virtual Reality innovation? Let’s discuss further!

Challenges in Virtual Reality Innovation

1. Too Expensive

One of the biggest reasons for the slow growth of Virtual Reality Innovation is the problem that all the other technologies and innovation face that is high prices. In VR, we are bound by the hardware device which can be an expensive affair for achieving high quality VR experience. So the masses are unable to buy from the VR market.

Thus, the market is only left to the enthusiast, geeks, early adopters or the professional gamers. So the VR market is suffering from elitism. Of course, this is changing and the market is growing but at a very slow pace. There are economically prices models being introduced for the masses that are available for a decent price.

2. Technological Barriers

Due to technological barriers, the innovation has not realized its full potential. The innovation is fairly new and is constantly evolving but there are barriers like upgrade for hardware that is not just limited computers. Software development companies who sell VR products are trying to achieve better quality and more powerful versions of VR sets which are expected to hit the market soon.

3. The Health Factor is Being Questioned!

Users have shared experiences that has made them feel uncomfortable after using a VR Set. This is one of the challenges where its effects on the health are unknown. There are many users who have complained of headaches, dizziness, loss of awareness, disorientation, excessive sweating or many such uncomforting experiences that have led to the negative publicity of VR sets and VR as an innovation.

We can only hope that soon VR is able to combat these challenges and game enthusiast like me can indulge in VR experiences. I have been waiting to try the amazing VR games. Also, I look forward to see VR sets entering other industries, so that user experiences can be improved and can be experienced at whole new level. I hope this read was interesting, keep tuned to learn about interesting innovations and technological advancements. Keep it techie until the next time!
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